If there are two things that I am extremely consistent about when it comes to home décor, they are these:

1) I love color


2) I looooooooove chandeliers

So, when you combine the two, I am a very happy woman indeed.

Want proof?

Della’s candy cane chandy from her old room.

The painted garage sale chandy with jewel-toned shades in my master closet.

Same shades on a different chandelier in our entryway.

Yet another spray-painted chandy in our breakfast nook.

And that’s not even counting the other two neutral-toned ones that I have in the stairwell and the craft room.

Now, you may be thinking, “But chandeliers are expensive and impractical.”

And both can be true.

But all of mine live in places where the lights don’t stay on for extended periods of time (and we’re pretty good about keeping them off unless the boys go on one of their epic, “Let’s flip every switch in the house” sprees), AND (the most awesome part of all), with the exception of the entryway version, I paid an average of $30 for each one.


Mostly by buying from the deeeeeeep discount clearance aisle at Lowe’s or by being willing to see the potential in a thrift-store chandy that wasn’t exactly what I wanted but could be made so with a little spray paint and elbow grease.

In fact, I combined those two factors when I bought a small chandelier for the twins’ room from Lowe’s last week for $25 (originally $100) and got my spray paint on.

Here’s what it originally looked like:


I wish I could have taken a picture of the saleslady’s face as I reached for the box to place it on the counter.  She practically lunged at me and said, “Noooooo! Don’t lift that! I’ll get it.”

But I was already halfway through picking it up…with one hand.

Seriously, despite what the substantial box implied to the contrary, this little guy weighed 5 pounds max.  The thought of anyone’s having paid $100 for his lightweight self is a bit ludicrous.

I assembled my usual arsenal of transformative tools:


{if it looks bright out there…it was. And hot. That too}

…and got to work.


Just the barest coat of primer to take the sheen off the metal and make the color stick.


Lots of light coats make the job go more quickly. Granted, this is a very small chandy, but I still managed to apply at least 3 light layers in about 20 minutes.


The “hardest” part = not hard at all, really. Just a little tedious to make sure you’ve managed to coat every surface of the crystals.

Ready for the big {ahem, small} reveal?


As I mentioned, this is going in the twins’ room, whose color scheme is largely determined by an accent wall covered in this Amy Butler wallpaper (which, if all goes as planned, will be hung today):


Besides the chandelier, the wallpaper, and a bench with colorful seat cushions, the rest of the room will remain calm and neutral, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the pops of color I’ve chosen contrast with the walls, which are this uber-soothing shade of greige (love, love, love it!):

{Sherwin William’s Light French Gray}


Speaking of colored chandeliers, I have a question (and a sneak peak!) for you.

We’ve been plugging away on the garage addition since Shaun got back from his last trip, and we’re making some exciting progress!

I’ve already shown you an inspiration board for the basic color scheme and look that I’m going for:


Well, we’ve got the paint on the walls, and I scored this sectional (plus a matching ottoman) on craigslist the other day for a great price:

So, we’re well on our way.

{Which is what I keep telling myself every time I think about how much left there is to do).

Here’s what we’ve got so far:


So…here’s where you come in.

I like the shape of the chandeliers.

And they were a decent price.

And they provide lots of light, which is important in such a large room.


I don’t love the color.

I know it’s a little hard to tell from these shots, but they’re a matte oil-rubbed bronze, and it gives them too formal of a look for what I would like in this room, which will eventually wear many hats as a toy room/game room/school room.


Since I clearly am not the least bit afraid of painting chandeliers, I would love some feedback on what color you think I should go with:

I could go a shade or two lighter than the walls with something like Rustoleum’s Sea Foam Green.

…or go for a bit of drama with a hammered copper treatment.

…or try to match the indigo in the rug with a deep, glossy shade like this one.


I usually have a vision in my head for where I want to go with color, but right now, I mostly just know what I don’t want.


Feel free to throw out general colors or send me links to specific options.

Oh, and since the main point of this post was that I painted a chandelier for the twins’ room, here are few more shots of Amelia, the aqua chandy (I really need to stop using names I like on inanimate objects since all I’ll be able to think when atempting to name any possible future children or pets is: “I had a blender/light fixture/glue gun named that once”).


I hope that bright, happy aqua makes the twins smile as much as it does me!


  1. What about a bright, metallic gold with a pop of color in the shades? I feel like they need to be lighter in color– but white isn’t enough. great work!

  2. Yep! I vote the indigo! They look black in the pictures and I think the contrast against the lighter/brighter colors on the wall and furnishings would really make a fun/classy statement. Not to mention tying in your rug (which I also thought was black and white from the picture) nicely!

  3. Oh, Angelina, I’m so glad you are finally feeling better. I had just read your update earlier that morning when you commented, and although you had tools me about how your other pregnancies had gone, I had been praying and hoping that this one would be different.
    I’m so sorry it wasn’t, but I’m so glad you’re feeling better, and I have to say that you’re incredibly sweet testimony to God’s faithfulness is amazing!
    Welcome back, friend!
    I’ll be praying for the rest of your pregnancy!

  4. Some shade of yelllow perhaps? I like the idea or pulling the colours from the rug – like with the indigo.
    The girls chandy looks phenominal – I can’t wait to see their room when it’s done!

  5. I bought the last one at our Lowe’s for the $25 price, but I had already bought one for $50 that I then took back when I saw the price drop. So…in case someone else hasn’t snapped it up, the Tyler Lowe’s has one, but I know that’s a long way from you.

    Did you get a chance to check at yours?

    Hope you find it! : )

  6. Very artgenious! If you love color than the vote is for a blue. Cooper accent is great (especially with that awesome couch!), but not the visual pop I would be looking for if the intended use of the room is for children. If the chevron rug is blue based, blue chandeliers would pull the room together, while having that funky flavor to it. Torn…another possibility is to combine both copper and blue and antiquing it to your liking. Do like how the colors work together.

  7. Love it! I don’t know why I never think to paint some of these things…spray paint has endless possibilities!

  8. Love the chandeliers too! You did a great job on the spray paint, BTW…..I can’t wait to see the final room 🙂 Also, your family room is coming along nicely. Love the colors you have so far. My vote is for copper. I always think rooms need to have a color(s), neutral, natural (wood, wicker, shells, sisal, etc…) & metallic elements to really feel cohesive. Love all the colors you have chosen. I haven’t run across any great fabric online for recovering your chairs, but I did have an idea. What if you recovered them in a neutral color, and then added a bunch of great funky pillows with your fabric??? That way, if you ever wanted to so something else with the chairs, you could. Just a thought 🙂

  9. I wanted to rush out and see if I could find one of those chandeliers for my entryway. Love the color for the girls room.

  10. Honestly? I think a glossy black on the chandys would pop against the corals and greens. The lighter green might not stand out against the green of the wall enough. I know you’re looking for a bright color, but I think the black would make a nice statement and if you go glossy black, it will transform them from formal to fun!

  11. super cute. And a great idea. I need a good chandy and I think I feel inspired to find something ugly an paint it up. as for colors. I like copper, especially if your furniture is a darker brown than your original color scheme. But why not pick up a color in your fabric swatch? Like bright orange or the fun greens????

  12. Love your various chandeliers! I never would have thought to paint one, but it clearly makes a huge difference. That aqua one is awesome and I can’t wait to see the finished girls’ room!
    As for your other ones, I kind of wonder how a pinky coral about two shades lighter than the built-in would look?

  13. I love the aqua blue on the babies new chandy… is that the modern name for chandelier. I always thought they were kind of ugly but you have CHANGED MY MIND… and I love that you are not afraid to spray something for a completely different effect. As for the new room… I thought those chandys look fine as they are but maybe navy would be nice… you would know better than me because I play safe with colour… white and coffee colours (boring I know)… did della ever get a grown up room makeover.. and if so can we see the results – I love seeing photos of your house. You truly have a great decorating eye. Enjoy your family 🙂

  14. Wow, we have telepathy this week! I just linked up my orange painted chandy on Friday! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of yours! Especially your new one for the twin’s room!

  15. That’s a brilliant idea! I’ve been on the hunt for something to hang in my daughter’s room. It seems a brightly painted chandy will do just fine!

  16. Wow!!! You have got some serious decorating going on. I must say I have a thing for Chandeliers as well, there is just something exciting about them that regular old ceiling lights don’t offer. Have fun hanging your wallpaper.

  17. I like the thought of it matching the color in the rug, a deep navy…I feel like there needs to be more pulls in the room that that navy color to make it look intentional and that would be a great way to do it because you will move the eye from the ground to the ceiling that way 🙂

  18. I am a sucker for painted chandeliers too. Now I just need a home so I can start picking up the pieces I find while thrifting.

    As for the chandeliers in the ‘play room’, I love the deep indigo. It would look great to join the floor and ceiling together as well as a contrast to the red.

  19. shut the front door!! first did they have anymore of those??? if so what store i’m gonna call and have mail it to my store. i’ve been wanting that one for my front hallway but i would never buy it cause the $100 and then none i repeat NONE of the stores have it around me….

  20. Wow, what a transformation of that chandelier! I am also a lover of chandeliers, and my husband just keeps asking why?…

  21. Love how it turned out! The aqua and white are adorable! And I like the idea of your family room chandeliers being the copper color…it would tie in with the brown in your sectional and contrast really well with the wall and built-in colors.

  22. i LOVE it!
    and i also LOVE the idea of dark blue on the chandys!
    that would look amazing! (as does everything else!) 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!