Good morning, everybody! It’s clear and cool here in E. Texas! 55 degrees. Brrrrr.

Of course…the weather report says it’s going to get up to almost 90 degrees later on (and yes, today is October 14th), but I’m pretending I didn’t read that part.

Today, I thought I’d show you, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the entryway (close enough?).

Not that you necessarily knew there was a rest to show you, but the truth is that when I revealed our entryway a while back, I was kind of holding out of on you. And not because I don’t love ya because I do.

I just wasn’t completely happy with the look of my hallway setup and hadn’t taken the time to figure out what was bothering me.

But then, before I ever even worried about what was missing, I discovered the perfect fix at—where else?—Goodwill. So what was this magic purchase?

Well, how about I just show you?


See them yet?

That’s right, you’re looking at matching turquoise, gold-flecked funky vintage lamps from some undetermined point in the 20th century (I’m thinking 1950’s). Yes, they did come with the ugliest shades in creation (I scored those fab linen shades with the script at Walmart for about $13 each), but they were marked at $4.99 a piece, and I got the nice, nice lady to knock that down to $6 for both.

The second I saw them, I knew they were the answer to the aimless feeling I’d had about this little vignette, so I perched them precariously on my basket and even defended them at least once from a overzealous basket-browser that got a little too close to my stash. My Goodwill shopping method tends to be: stuff anything and everything that might possibly work into every nook and cranny of the tiny, wobbly-wheeled Home Depot cast-off buggy (that’s Southern for basket) that I inevitably end up with—children hanging onto all sides, of course—and then sift through it in the dressing room where there’s no chance of anyone snatching it up while my back is turned.

And, yes, I realize after reading that last sentence that I sound like an absolute loon.

But hey, if I have to be a bit nuts to score some cute, uber-cheap lamps that gave me the inspiration I needed to finish a space that’s been bugging me, well I’m just fine with that.


Here’s a wider shot so you get a context for where this little spot is in relation to my front door and Entryway Part 1 that I’ve already shown you.


A quick shot of the stained glass chandy, which has quite a story behind it. Let’s just say that it was my dream chandelier but too big for the space I had in mind (which wasn’t the entryway originally), but I only discovered that after the space was already done. Rather than give it up, I visited a spot called Bruce’s Bargain Barn (yep, you read that right), did some haggling, some creative chandelier swapping, and ended up turning a nine-light chandelier into the six-lighter you see there (and then used the extra three glass shades to transform the garage sale chandy in the big master closet makeover). All of this shade/chandy finagling took place on the very same day I had to fight with my dad’s beast of stick-shift truck all the way through an hour-long torrential downpour (with all of our house’s carpet + the 66% off Hobby Lobby bench I showed you in the living room reveal in the back). Whew! It was a job just to write that sentence! Imagine how much more “fun” it was to experience it.



That gorgeous buffet was a pretty sweet find at an antique store that was going out of business. He originally wanted $400 for it, which, honestly, considering that it is in pristine condition and made of solid wood, was already much lower than other antique prices I’d seen, but I got him to come down to…wait for it…$125!! If you’re wondering how, you can read my post on retail haggling, in which I reveal my (often successful) methods for paying only what an item is worth to me.

The rest of the items you see there are either from Hobby Lobby’s 90% off aisle (pumpkin, jade balls, candle/saucer, decorative metal scroll wall-hangers), Goodwill (ivory candlestick, vintage Heygill and H.F.P. Macau plate—this brand sells for anywhere between $15-$50/piece on ebay, and I got the plate for $1—copper candle pedestal), Walmart (small glass flower vase), and garage sales (books).


My aperture settings were off when I took this pic, and I didn’t realize it ‘til afterwards, but I still wanted to show you the colors and pretty pattern of my vintage $1 plate.

Total for the entire display (minus the lamps and the painting, which was $40 @ Ross): approx. $20.


A few more detail shots of my buffet (I love, love, love the carved flowers).


The table runner is actually just a strip of fabric from Hancock’s remnant bin. I’ve been meaning to finish the edges for ages but just haven’t gotten around to it (hmm…feed children or hem random piece of fabric? conundrum), and at this point, I think I’m totally fine with the raw edges. We’ll just say they add “character” and call it good, shall we?


This is a shot from the opposite direction, taken from the craft room (which you can see glimpses of in the first couple of shots). The rug runner is from Overstock, a Safavieh outdoor version that’s woven, kind of like jute, but not as hard on the feet. We also used it as a stair-runner by splicing pieces of it together to make one continuous piece all the way up the stairs.

The chair in the foreground was made in 1893, which makes it 118-years-old, and belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It’s still in pristine condition, and while it’s not really the right scale for the space it’s in, I couldn’t resist at least temporarily putting it here until I figure out what I want to do with it because the rich, warm colors of the embroidery and the wood tones perfectly match everything else in this space. (There’s a better shot of the chair in the first two pics as well).


And what would a “reveal” post be without a collage of a few of my favorite details. I’m digging all the saturated colors and contrasting textures. I don’t know that I would have ever gone with fuchsia and teal before, but after stumbling across the combo when I redid the master closet, I find myself gravitating towards it now.

All in all, I’m really pleased with the results. It’s a bit more formal than my usual style, but it still has enough of the funky touches I love to satisfy the eclectic in me, and those lamps provide enough symmetry to pacify the (very closeted) OCD in me.

What do you think? Am I done? Is there something you would add or change? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you have a blessed, relaxing, and fulfilling weekend!

P.S. I had a bit of a downer blog-day yesterday, and then I had worship team practice last night, and you’ll never guess what song we were singing (which I hadn’t even realized was on the set list until we started singing it)—yep, the very same one that put everything in perspective the last time I got all gloomy and self-deprecating. If you haven’t read that post, please do. I’ve never written truer words (especially since most of the words in that post aren’t even mine). I can almost imagine God shaking his head and wondering when I will ever get what really matters through my thick head. : )

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  1. love this look! love the old wooden chair with a pillow on it, love the chandelier, love it all!!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and it is seriously one of my favs, now! I love your use of words (always put a smile on my face!) and your quirky sense of style! My home is like that, too. I like what I like and somehow it all goes together! I HEART you! Blessings! Ana

  3. Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet words! I’m so glad to hear that my decorating looks like I planned it out. Sometimes, that’s true, but most of the time, I get an idea and then go hunting for pieces in the house that might work. Sometimes, it does better than others, but either way, I enjoy it! : )

  4. Abbie, this is the first time I am finding your site. It is amazing, rather shall I say “You are amazing!!!” I absolutely LOVE to decorate, but I am very impulsive and when you show your final room reveal, I feel like you had these pieces all along and WaLa it all goes perfectly. I am in awe of your work. I love the tufted ottoman. I am getting ready to do a walk-in closet (my daughter moved out), and thanks to you, I now have some wonderful ideas. Keep up the great decorating!!!

  5. Hi! I saw your link on the SNS and wanted to come take a closer look. I love the lamps that you scored along with all the other goodies! I took a quick detour and read your enlightening post on haggling. I picked up a few pointers, Thank you!!


  6. The entry is warm and welcoming. I LOVE the lamps! Awesome score! I recently purchased a pair of so over the top tack-o-matic lamps that only I would love! They just need a good cleaning and the shades are providing a bit of a challenge!

  7. What a gorgeous entryway! The color combinations are incredible and those lamps are definitely the perfect addition to an already beautiful space. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  8. i absolutely adore
    your entryway

    it’s so fun and eclectic
    not to mention
    just plain purty

    and the shots of turquoise
    here and there
    make me smile

    and my dad always listened to paul harvey
    in the car
    back in the day
    so your reference made me smile
    with sweet nostalgia

    thanks so much for sharing
    at fridays unfolded


  9. those lamps are perfect {my very favorite shade of my very favorite color}…the whole aesthetic is just so pleasing, warm and inviting. I love the balance of scale and color and all the mixes of funky patterns just make me happy! Pinning some of these images to my living room inspiration board.

    Sorry about the downer day, but sounds like you learned something from it so it wasn’t a total loss! 🙂

  10. Love your entryway, the teal lamps and punch of fuchsia and the “character” of your table runner! That’s my kind of thinking.

  11. luv it all those lamps and the phone nook – i have one just like it but hubby has yet to hang it! and i luv luv luv that sond, when we sing it at church i always feel like He’s just pouring in those God sunshine rays into my heart! the beth moore study we are doing comments that when we feel that coming on we should drop to our knees and call out to Him (well not in GW or walmart one would get strange looks if you did – one gets strange looks just staying grace when we go out to eat but that’s an entirely different comment, lol) and well i was having one of those days yesterday and i did and He answered and comforted me. He is good all the time!

I love hearing from you guys!