I know you guys probably saw this title and thought, “Hm. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

After all, I’ve only been teasing you with promises of The Twin Nursery Reveal for, I don’t know, at least a couple of months now.

But I am very happy to say that the day has finally come. (I’m even happier to say that this means I won’t be getting any more hot glue burns for a while).

So without further delay, and with great joy and exhaustion, I present to you:


Here’s what you see as you walk in the door.

pinterest version


When my mom saw Della’s nursery, amongst the obligatory compliments, she included this astute observation: “There’s not much pink in it.”

And she was right. That didn’t stop Della’s nursery from being mondo-girly. But the fact remained that pink did not play a large role in the color scheme.

So, now I’ve designed a room for not one, but two, little girls. And guess what. I got rid of the pink altogether. Not even a trace of the stuff.


But for someone like me—a lover of all things teal, aqua, turquoise, and robin’s egg—it’s kind of =nursery heaven.

And this time the accent color was a total surprise, almost a fluke even.


Where did that come from?


Honest answer?


It came from a little round yellow shag rug I bought at a furniture store for $12 because it was too cute and too good of a deal to pass up.


Now, I know this is not how a healthy person shops. A normal person starts with a vision and saves her pennies so that she can splurge on a few key pieces which will help her achieve the vision in its purest form.


Not me. Oh no. I start with a vision—namely that gorgeous Amy Butler wallpaper that Graham and Brown was nice enough to give me to try out (HOLLA!)—and then I stumble around DIY-ing things and finding things for super-duper cheap that were never intended for the purpose that they end up being used for.

Until finally, I end up with something I like that wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind from the beginning.

Take the bench below, for example. I made it over once already, but once I got it in the room, the colors were all wrong. So…I recovered the cushions (again). And now I love it.


Same goes for the DIY monogram art, which I spent an embarrassing amount of time doing and redoing (and doing again) before I finally found a color/pattern configuration that made me go, “Aaaaaah,” as opposed to, “Erm…not quite.”

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m quite the selective perfectionist, yes?


P.S. Speaking of, if the gaps in the butterflies are bothering you too, don’t worry. I’ll fix them and repost with updated photos ASAP. I’ll also be showing you a tutorial for the butterfly art for tomorrow’s Try-it Tuesday, so stay tuned.


At some point, when I was spray-painting (yet another) something-or-other, I said to Shaun, “Someday, I’m going to do a room reveal in which I haven’t first DIY’d every decoration in the room.”

And he just smiled. Because he knows me too well to bother saying anything.   


Speaking of spray paint, that turquoise flower is from Hobby Lobby (80% off and it still cost $6) and was the dullest shade of ugly mixed with blah before it got a few coats of paint. Spray paint really is magic.

Speaking of magic…

{Yes, I did mean to use the phrase “speaking of,” yet again; it’s late as I’m typing this, and my brain has decided that “speaking of” is the only acceptable segue that will do for this post}

Here are a few of my favorite details in the room:

PicMonkey Collagenursery

1. A little chalkboard from Walmart that I spray-painted (of course) before attempting a bit of chalkboard art with a very thick-tipped chalkboard marker. The owl was a fun find from Marshall’s.

2. The wallpaper that started it all. Amy Butler’s Lacework in the Midnight colorway. A huge THANK YOU to the folks at Graham and Brown for sending me a roll (plus a little when I ran just the tiniest bit short). It was my first wallpaper hanging experience, and I managed not to royally mess it up. In fact, it was a cinch once I finished scraping and sanding the wall that I forgot to tell my husband not to texture because I would be adding wallpaper as an accent.

{face palm}

3. That turquoise chandelier used to be black on black, believe it or not.

4. I rolled those little paper flowers, knowing full-well they were an absolutely unnecessary and extravagant waste of time. But aren’t they just the cutest?

5. I pilfered the heart shape I used for my “Little People” shirt from a few weeks back to round out the fabric monogram art I made. Note: bias tape works even better than ribbon on little accent pieces like that plus sign.


True story: Shaun saw me cutting out the fabric for the “M” and said, “’M??’ What’s the ‘M’ for??!”

I had to gently remind him that one of our girls’ names is Magnolia. (To be fair, I debated using “N” for “Nola,” so his confusion was understandable).

6. Yet again, the “bedding” is a mishmash of things I made, hacked, recovered, and/or cobbled together to create something I liked. IMG_0080

I recovered a Goodwill bumper in aqua linen that I had bought from a friend ages ago for—get this—$2/yd and had no specific plan for. Until, of course, I happened to notice that it matched the aqua in the wallpaper ex.act.ly.

The “crib sheet” is really a yard of fun fabric with painter’s drop-cloth sewn along the sides and tucked under the mattress. I’ll probably trade for another pattern when I get tired of the yellow (I’m thinking a gray and white chevron might be fun in the future to pick up on the wall-color, which is Sherwin William’s Light French Gray). I swiped the bolster pillow (formerly red/white polka-dots) from Della’s old room, and made a custom cover for it from some Goodwill fabric and ribbon I had lying around. I would love to say that I just whipped it out in a jiffy, but this was another project that had to be tweaked a bit before I got it right and ate up more than its fair share of my daily (weekly?) craft time. Not to mention sanity.

7. Both of these accent pillows come from Target. And I even paid full price for them. The turquoise damask is staying as it’s well past its return date. Plus, I love it. But the one with the doily flowers (for lack of a better term) is still within its legal returnable limits. So, what do you think? Should I keep it?

8. You already know about the “ #2” from the nursery sneak peak. But I still thought it deserved an honorable mention for being the only thing in the room audacious enough to rock the gold shimmer.

9. Y’all also already know I’m a knob freak. But these beauties are way up there with my all-time faves. They’re even prettier in person.

I got them from Hobby Lobby for 50% off (which they almost always have as a special).


So, that just about does it for me. I’m pretty relieved to have finally, finally, entirely emptied the contents of the nursery-planning portions of my brain into this room. It’s a little less cluttered up there now. Which maybe means that I’ll actually remember the name of that gym member who’s told it to me three times already, making it way too shameful for me to even think about asking again. (And I used to be so good with names before those little brain-suckers I call my children came along. I guess it’s a fair trade).

Speaking of brain-suckers my children, they were happy to interfere help with the nursery preparation and photographing.


Della thought the crib looked better with her climbing on it.


As did Simon.


And Ezra was busy being a firstborn and actually making himself useful doing one of the things he loves most in the world—holding his baby sister(s).

(Clearly Nola had resigned herself to the reality that Mama was not going to be feeding her any time soon and had settled for ingesting lint particles from her brother’s t-shirt instead).

Evy was napping (Praise Jesus!), or all 5 of them would have been running quality control checks at once (because I know you were all wondering how I managed to make a nursery pretty and photograph it with zero interruptions from the little people. Answer: I didn’t).

So, what do you think?

Was it what you were expecting? (If, indeed, you had expectations).

Is there anything I left out that you have questions about?

If so, fire away! I’ll do my best to answer.

And now I really must go to bed. If I stay up any longer, it’s going to be me, instead of the 5-year-old, saying 7+8 = 52 during homeschooling tomorrow (oops! make that today).

Happy Monday!

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  1. Love this girl twins place! I favor how you added in the particular blue wall picture feature wall. My business is contemplating portray a place (my residence office) that may turn out to be considered one of our twin’s bed rooms in quite a while. (When they don’t want to share a place. ) Bleak is an excellent color. My business is thinking that could possibly sometimes get dreary as well as blue (like a person did) or even dreary as well as pink, based on which often dual desires the area someday!

    Magdalena Jackson

  2. Beautiful room and I’m inspired to do the same color theme! Knew I wanted gray/white & painted the walls a pretty gray. These are great gender neutral colors since we aren’t finding out the sex. Question- where is your crib from?

  3. I absolutely adore this room! I really would like to know what color/brand of spray paint you used on that little flower? I have Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze but the color you have is a much richer turquoise, I love it! Please tell…..

  4. World’s most creative mom award goes to you!! What a fabulous, bright, cheery nursery! My twins would love it too!

  5. LOVE it!!! I don’t miss the pink, I think the yellow is lovely!!! Will your twins share a bed? I think thats So cute when they do. My brother has twin girls and they are just the sweetest sleeping together :o) I came over from TT&J. Would love for you to come over and check out my blog…
    Emily @ http://www.nap-timecreations.com

  6. It is not often that I LOVE every single detail in a room, but yours is an exception. WOW! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE STITCH OF THIS ROOM! Beautiful!. Well done and Gold Stars for you! 🙂

  7. Your nursery came out amazing. I love all of the details and the wallpaper is GORGEOUS. How cool that they gave you that to try. I saw you featured over at Centsational Girl. I would love for you to come and join my link party that opens each Tuesday evening at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there.

  8. I love it! The wall paper is fabulous! And I am joining you in the unhealthy decorating category because I totally find something cheap and do a whole room around it. I think that’s how smart people do it! My favorite decor item is the chalkboard. Love using the Ecc. verse for twins. So brilliantly meaningful. Nice work! I love it.

  9. Well, just amazing! And totally worth the wait…..and I when in the world did you have time to do all of this DIY and hacking/chopping/gluing you claim?? In your sleep??
    Well, it turned out just awesome! The color scheme is totally inspiring…..I LOVED Della’s room and I LOVE this one too. You just have a knack for color! And I HEART Amy Butler anything. Great job on all of the other touches….really makes the room cohesive & fun!

    Your kidlets are too cute….always love when you throw some pics of them in too 🙂
    Your energy inspires me…..I better get my glue gun/sewing machine warmed up!

  10. Gorgeous as always – love your decorating style. I am a huge fan of Della’s room but this is also up there. I love the fact that’s its not too baby. It will grow with the girls. Congratulations, great photos, love to see the kids 🙂

  11. It’s adorable!! Great Job Abbie!! This might be a dumb mom-without-twins question, but at what point will you put a second crib in there? Or will you need to do that at all?

  12. Love this twins room! I like how you added the blue wallpaper accent wall. I am thinking of painting a room (my home office) that may become one of my twin’s bedrooms in a few years. (When they no longer want to share a room.) Gray is a good color. I am thinking that could either go gray and blue (like you did) or gray and pink, depending on which twin wants the room someday!

I love hearing from you guys!