Okay, so I might have been overselling a bit yesterday when I called today’s post “exciting.”

After all, it’s a bathroom.

And I honestly prefer that the bathroom be a pretty boring and mundane place.

Because with three kids under six running around, “exciting” is usually code for “potty disaster.”

Even so, it’s been a looooong while since I’ve done a room reveal around here.

And those are always some of my favorite posts on other people’s blogs, so I’m guessing you guys might like them too.

So, that’s exciting (I hope).

Plus, we just bought 45,000 gallons of paint (from Sherwin Williams during their 40% off sale…woot!) for the garage addition, which means, I know what I’ll be doing for the next 7 years or so, so nothing will be done in there for a while, which makes having an actual, finished room with styled shelves and everything, pretty exciting.

So, yeah.

Maybe I wasn’t overselling at all because it all sounds pretty darn exciting to me!

Okay, first the ugly, unstyled pics—AKA what our bathroom looks like when I’m not making it pretty for you guys.


Ho-hum, right?

Ready for the pretty pics?

Hope so because there are lots (of pictures, anyway; you’ll have to be the judge of how pretty they are).

First, I’m just going to show them to you. Then, I’ll talk (like you guys had any doubt about that).



{Did you notice Traylor, the newly blinged out mini trashcan from yesterday?—thanks to Meggan for the name suggestion}

So…feel like you’ve got the general idea?

Lots of turquoise, aqua, fuchsia, and pink. Not too different of a color scheme from my master closet makeover, actually.

And now for that whole “Putting the FUN in functional” bit from my post title.

As I mentioned yesterday, this is the bathroom that is most commonly used by all members of the family.

But just because it’s a “kids’ bathroom” too doesn’t mean that there have to be yellow ducky decals strewn all over the place in order to infuse the space with a bit of whimsy and fun.

The following are my (very unprofessional tips) for making a bathroom both fun and functional.


I love the “I CAN NOT DO IT ALL” print from Jones Design Company, but I have to admit that the whole “can not” part makes me a little crazy. I realize she was probably just adding emphasis, but…yeah, it still makes my grammar/spelling loving skin shiver a little. (I’m weird, I know).


Okay, so I know that the “Keep Calm Carry On” trend is a long dead horse that has been beaten a time or two too many, but I still think I should get bonus points for:

a) how absolutely perfectly the color matches the walls


b) ironic placement (especially coming from a mama whose firstborn voluntarily constipated himself for an entire year rather than be potty-trained, which made toilet time anything but calm).

Oh, and as far as sources for everything, an abbreviated list is as follows:


Keep Calm sign

Shower curtain

Bath rug

(all about 2 years old)


Glass pouf container

White storage dresser (clearance, $70, baby!)



Blue toiletry bowl


White/wicker drawer tower

Floral bobby pin holder/pot (the aqua/orange/pink one on the shelf, which is easily my favorite item in the whole room)


Glass q-tip/cotton ball containers

Pink bird

Capiz shell frame

White flower vase


Also, I should give an honorable mention to Craigslist, where we found our Kohler sink + Delta faucet combo brand new (retail: $500 for them both) for $40, and Lowe’s where we used our retail haggling skills to get a $300 toilet for $50.

Man, I love a good deal, even on a toilet!

Hope you enjoyed the tour today and gleaned at least a few useful things from my tips.

And now, I need a nap.

If only there time to take one!

Have a great day, and take a nice nap for me, okay?

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  1. This bathroom is looking gorgeous with the shower curtain and the sink! The different colors of the flowers, mat, q tip containers, mini trash can and pink bird make it look more playful and alive. I also like how you placed that “keep calm” sign over there to serve as a reminder. 😉

  2. No, you’re not overselling. Bathroom should always be functional and useful aside from it should look good. Your bathroom is great, from bathroom fixtures to the wall paint. You have an awesome taste.

  3. Such a great job! I found you on French Country Cottage’s link party. I love the colors and all the touches. Those towels are seriously something I will have to find and bring home with me. Stop by my place sometime and see what I’m up to at Quirky Vistas!


  4. Your post was too funny. I must admit that I was a little nervous to write a comment because of your whole grammar pet peeves. I hope I don’t drive you too crazy. Your bathroom looks great! Your shower curtain matches my comforter on my bed. Target..right? Great job and such a fun read. Have a happy weekend!

  5. Your bathroom looks so cute! and I love your writing style, so fun~ I’m now a follower!

  6. I really really heart your bathroom and you bring up some great points—-I especially am going to take notes about the bath mats!!! Thanks for the great inspiration!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
    anddd thanks for linking up!!!

  7. Love the wall colour and the fun shower curtain 🙂 And you’re absolutely right, why not put some personality into a bathroom – it’s a room that’s used every day, make it a pretty place to be 🙂

  8. Abby, just love it! Fun, colorful, and functional. The “can not” irks me too. As in makes my head swim as in what it’s suppose to say versus what it really is saying conundrum …

    Thanks for sharing. Oh, and thanks for hosting the linky party again today. I’m linked up!



  9. Did you sew the stitching onto the towels or were they like that when you bought them? I think I see a DIY project in my future.

  10. What a great space! Isn’t it crazy what new accessories and shower curtain can do- when the walls and floor stay the same? It’s a totally different feel. I love your bold color choice- and I keep trying to think of the towels- I feel like I looked at the same ones when I was shopping for them…but I can’t think of where I saw them? Anyhow- I think I may copy your poofs in a jar. I have some jar action happening in my guest bath- and the hubs uses scrubbies like they grow on trees!!
    Great job Abbie! Enjoy your weekend chica!
    xo Becca

  11. Love all the colors! All the pretty containers and storage makes it more than just a place to ‘do your business’ 🙂

  12. Fun, fun bathroom! I’m glad that you shared the sign above the toilet was supposed to be funny, because I was thinking about writing a little joke about it, but then though, “maybe she didn’t mean it to be funny!” lol. Yes, very appropriate placement!

  13. That little bobby pin jar is my fav, too! I could decorate an entire room around that, it’s adorable! And you’re not alone on the slightly-crazy-making separation of CAN and NOT…

  14. We just bought a house and have been remodeling the bathroom… our bathroom has your same tub-with-a-shelving-nook-along-the-same-wall-setup and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep this weird space open or sheet rock over it to make a wall. Your pictures have convinced me to make the open shelving work for us! Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Hahaha Abbie! Love that you’re using my name suggestion “Traylor”, suits her doesn’t it? Adorable bathroom, love the milkglass, I’m a fan of that too. So, I’ve now named Young House Love’s ottoman “Otto the Man” and now “Traylor”. If only there was a career in naming other people’s belongings…:)

  16. Abbie, it’s fantastic!!! The color is FAB! And I agree with you on the “CAN NOT’…that would drive my grammar nutty brain berzonkers…

  17. Love love love the pink bird… if you ever get tired of her….just let me know! What a great find!

  18. We’re in the process of redoing our kid’s bathroom because of mold under the tiles, and we’ve decided to go with a pedestal sink instead of a vanity and I love love yours…just because its a kid’s bathroom, it doesn’t mean it has to scream it.. 😉 Beautifully done.

  19. Love the way you kept an open feel with this bathroom! I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel and have found a pedestal sink and faucet for $50. We were going to by it for a temporary fix until we save up for a big vanity (due to the remodel we’ve been without a bathroom sink since J a n u a r y). I really like the way you used the drawers to make up for the lack of vanity. Since our bathroom layouts are so similar, I just might go with this idea and save a few hundred bucks!

I love hearing from you guys!