Welcome to The BIG 5 days…FIVE winners

 Parental Care Ministries: The Father's Love in Action 

Giveaway and Fundraiser!

Here’s how it works:

You guys can win one of FIVE different prize packages (see below) by:

1) Following Five days…5 ways publicly on the blog (just click the button below). Leave me a comment telling me so (even if you already do).

That’s it. Really. 

You don’t have to give to win. I just need your name in the hat. And that hat has plenty of room!

2) BUT!!! You can also click this button to give any (and I mean ANY) amount to PCM:

You don’t have to comment about this!

Every dollar you donate will go directly to PCM and will count as an entry into this giveaway (i.e.—$5 = 5 entries. Every dollar is matched, which means that, if you give up Starbucks for one day, you’ll be giving not $10 but $20!! (just kidding, but at least $8, right?)

3) Tweet, Blog, Facebook share or promote this giveaway in any other way, and I will gladly give you extra entries. Just leave me comments.

**Entries/Donations close Wednesday, November 30th, @ 11:59 PM, and the 5 winners will be announced on Thursday, December 1st.

The Story

You can read the original post that started all of this, but just as a quick recap, PCM is a ministry to orphans in Uganda founded and run by people I personally know in my city here in East Texas. My family sponsors a beautiful little girl named Harriet, and her letters are so filled with joy, gratitude, and selflessness that they bring tears to my eyes every time I read them (and I’m not a crier). 

This month’s giveaway is a partnership between Five days…5 ways, PCM, and YOU as we raise money to buy the materials to build these students a new classroom.

A donor has already pledged to match any amount we raise up to $5,000!! That’s the material costs for one classroom, which means we could actually get a brand new classroom built for these sweet little souls whose idea of a special treat is an apple (I’m not kidding).

Here’s what you can win:


$50 gift certificate to:

$40 gift certificate to:


$25 gift certificate to:

$25 gift certificate to:

That’s $140 worth of absolutely fabulous loot you can score! : )



1. Fun and funky feathered headband made by my generous new friend, Dory.

2. A fantastic bag made by reader, Morgan Mulhausen.

3. A beautiful pair of earrings from my sponsor:



4. A fabulous crocheted scarf made by reader, Molly Byrd (she’s posted the crochet pattern on her blog for you guys).

5. A cute set of vintage button bobbies made by moi.

6. A pretty wool felt flower pin made by moi.


$50 to:


Just in time for Christmas…

1. These adorable fabric letters to spruce up your holiday decorating (also made by Morgan…yeah, she rocks!)


2. This custom 16-piece Christmas-carol themed stoneware set embellished by me (each setting will have a different carol/motif):



3. These fun handmade ornaments by Kelli of More Bang for Your Bucks:



1. This lovely flower belt made by Mandy of Biblical Homemaking:

mandy's belt

2. A set of 4 gorgeous greeting cards, photographed and created by the same Dory who made the headband (isn’t she creative? I had the pleasure of meeting her at Super Night with Super Mom).


A HUGE thank you!!! to all of my amazing sponsors and reader-friends for your participation in this effort. I can’t wait to see how God uses all of us to help out a group of deserving kiddos.

If you have a blog/facebook page and are willing to have me by to share about this cause, please contact me using the “email Abbie” button on the sidebar. I’ll bug as many people as will listen—I’m that determined to help these kids! : )

I’m joining up with:


…which is a great challenge hosted by some fantastic bloggers. The goal: to be mindful every day in the month of November of ways we can give of our time, money, resources, and love. 

During the month of November, I’ll be highlighting a different “giving suggestion” each day, with the BIG one, of course, being our effort to build PCM a new classroom. I am really looking forward to seeing how God uses this focus on giving to change my perspective and heart for the better this month. Oh, and I’d love to hear your ideas as well!


  1. I donated $50 to PCM! What a great cause! Are you going to keep us posted on how much money has been raised? You may have and I missed it, but if not that would be awesome! I love the 4th giveaway with the dishes and letters and I agree with Amy, you could TOTALLY sell those! 🙂

  2. It was so good getting to meet you tonight ! I love following your blog ! So excited for what the Lord will do in all of this !

  3. I started following 🙂 Great to meet you tonight. You are awesome for taking this challenge. How it’s a success!

  4. I love a lot of the ideas on your blog! I esp really love the PEACE pillows and the uber artsy Christmas dishes. I so admire artistic people and I look forward to what’s to come. Thanks to Amanda (my sister in law) for the heads up from HER blog). Happy holy-days…

  5. I gave $20 – what an awesome cause! We have 3 sponsor children and it is such a blessing to watch them grow both physically and spiritually. I always wish we were able to do more for more children – so thanks for spreading the word about your cause!

  6. Hello, I follow you blog! The giveaways look lovely, and wish you the best of luck in raising the funds for the classroom!

  7. Hi, Abbie…my name is Shanda. This is my very first visit to your blog, but I can assure you that it will not be my last! I work with PCM as the Rwemikoma Sponsorship Coordinator, and I actually went this past June. I love hearing how different people are making difference in so many different ways. Thank you for doing this! I’m so excited about what God is doing through PCM.

  8. abbie, i blogged and shared on FB. We just donated our “Jesus Birthday Present” via paypal. Everyday year we have an ornament that is the shape of a birthday cake with a candle that lights up. Cor hangs it up every year on the Christmas tree and it opens up and you can put a little trinket in it. Well cor named it the “baby jesus birthday ornament” and every year we put money in it to give to a chairty and this year it was the PCM. I’m so glad u are doing that and i’m praying everyday that we reach that $5,000.00 mark so all that glory can be given to Him!

  9. Hmm…am trying to investigate. It definitely should not be requiring you to have a blog. You do have to give it an email address so it can register who you are and let you sign in and stuff, but you don’t have to have a blog. Will check on this.

    Thanks for facebook sharing! I’m so glad you’re participating! : )

  10. I liked you on FB and shared via FB! Hopefully, that works as an entry b/c the follow button keeps trying to get me to create a blog? Maybe I’m doing something wrong! 🙂 Love all the prizes and the cause!

  11. Excellent giveaway! How much do you have to give to get your extra entry? Is it one extra entry for each dollar you give? Just want to make sure I understand!

  12. Love that you are using your blog to raise money for a good cause! I just started to follow your blog – found it from a friend of a friend 🙂 love what you are doing!

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