I’m not usually a “1 in every color, please” kind of girl. I like variety too much. But these genuine leather rosette sandals for $10 (originally $40) won me over.

So, ‘fess up. Have you ever found something so great that you bought it in every color they had?


  1. Yes, I have 3 tank tops that have sequins stitched on. They are exactly the same tank, just different colors. Turquoise, black, and a khaki green. They were on sale!

  2. Ahhh, yes, yes, yes I have…in fact, I am (unfortunately) notrious for that!! But seriously, after 4 kids, weight gained and lost and enough years of wisdom, I KNOW to buy what I love when I find it…in whatever colors I love! Like, I bought 2 adorable pair of pastel jean capris from Kohls because they fit perfect in every way and (of course) I couldn’t choose between the colors! So, I say “BRAVO!!!” A good deal on cuteness is worth it!!

  3. I ordered those sandals when they first came out in a taupe w/ a pink on the sole. I have to confess I loved the style, but I didn’t like the color pink that was on sole of them. It had too much peach in it for me. So I had to send ’em back. 🙁 But the style was super cute! And you got a great deal on them for sure!!
    I haven’t done that in a while where I purchased one in every color. Usually by the time I totally love something, its sold out in my size 🙂 I have some jeans from Loft that I would buy again in a different wash in a heart beat if they offer them!

  4. Cute!!!

    I tend to do that with solid tanks and tees from Old Navy. They’re cheap, can be mixed/matched with lots of things and can be replaced easily if I spill something and stain one. Love them!

  5. Those shoes are great!! LOVE THEM!! I would have bought each color too for that price. I have to say, I have been searching for a Maxi dress now for a good 3 years. I am short…very really 4’9 and to find one that fits length wise is a chore..I don’t want to have to cut off half of the dress just so it doesn’t drag on the ground. So I finally found one at Old Navy (in the kids section no less haaaa) and I have bought every single color they have, even went online and bought some they weren’t selling in the store haaa. Love them.

I love hearing from you guys!