So, I mentioned last week that I was feeling a bit “blah” in the wardrobe department. And several of you responded that you liked Outfit #2 just fine (poor Outfit #1), and you wondered what I was complaining about anyway since I was, after all, dressed, and that was way better than yoga pants or my birthday suit (indeed), etc., etc.

And I totally agree.

It’s just that, I really like putting outfits together when I’ve got something to put them together for. It’s fun for me to pair pieces and build an ensemble that I end up feeling really good about. And not even caring either way kind of makes me sad. Not that I do it every day. Oh no. The vast majority of the time I wear a tank top and p.j. bottoms right up until the point that I change into workout clothes to go to the gym. Or, if I’m feeling especially fancy, I substitute jeans for the pajamas….and then change into workout clothes. Either way, the only time I really actually “get dressed,” with accessories and layers and all the other good stuff is if I’m going somewhere particular like church or a date or a night out with the girls (can’t think of when either one of those last two happened last; note to self: must remedy that), or—if I get really motivated—the grocery store.

After all, I’d hate for this to happen.


This is an actual message from one of our instructor threads on FB. Obviously, we always stay on topic and are extremely professional. I hope none of you found that too offensive because I am convulsively laughing on the couch (and I’ve read that message at least 5 times already), and that means we probably can’t be friends.

(After all, I will probably find myself at Walmart later on today).


I got my groove—which I am simply defining as a renewed love of outfit-procuring—back, thanks to a trip to Old Navy, to purchase that very top that Sara had left at the gym. While there. I also found some fun polka dot skinnies on the clearance rack. They had one last pair in my size, and they didn’t make my legs look like overstuffed sausages (which is more than can be said of that polka dot pair I tried on in Target a while back).

And then I started doing what I always do when I’m putting together an outfit I really like—I paired different textures in basic hues with pops (and I mean pops) of color.

I heart color

(Pants: Old Navy, $8, Top: Talbot’s/Goodwill, $3, Tank: ON, $2, Jacket: ON (girl’s sections), $8, Shoes: ON, $12)

i heart color4i heart color8

And then, just to prove my love for color and fun details (as if you needed more)…here’s a shot of my “running around” outfit from yesterday.

    i heart color6

I got the tee at Old Navy (good grief! I sound like a walking ON advertisement!) over a year ago for $1 from the girls’ section and intended all along to embellish it somehow. Here’s what I came up with.

i heart color7

(Tee: ON, $1, Jeans, GAP {old}, $20, Shoes: GW, $3)

A tutorial on the embellished tee is coming up next Try-it Tuesday.

Until then, stay FAR away from stretchy-waist pants!

Oh, and don’t forget to go enter our $50 Target Gift Card giveaway. You’ve still got a few days to enter (and spread the news for extra entries if you’re so inclined!).


  1. I am happy to remain friends (blog stalk) with you for the Walmart image. This is why we need them in Australia – my personal entertainment…. 🙂 The shopping in the girls section, well, the jury is still out if this is acceptable behaviour! :-))

  2. Hi Abbie – I just found you, and am sooo in love with your blog. You look adorable. Excellent choices in the wardrobe department. 🙂

  3. I read this at work and literally snorted tea out of my nose (from laughing, not for fun). Hysterical. Even when I think about it and I’m not actually looking directly at the photo, it still makes me laugh. Adoring the bright colours with the polkadots. Fashion love.
    Menekse x

  4. Abbie, you are SO adorable! I love those polka dot pants. And the running around outfit is really cute too.

  5. That photo is awful and hilarious at the same time. I just cannot believe that is for real! Thanks for the laugh!

    Glad you got your wardrobe mojo back! You look adorbs in all of your outfits. Great job on the embellished t-shirt. What a cute idea! Can’t wait for the DIY 🙂 I love crafties!
    You have done well at ON lately. I am hit or miss there. Either I see nothing that strikes me, or I cannot afford everything I want….LOL! I should make a trip there soon 🙂
    Hit a consignment store yest and was jazzed bout my finds: Got a red leather jacket + a fossil purse for $20. And the boys each got some 18″ tall dinosaurs (we are dino-maniacs) for $3/each. Score! When we left, they prayed & thanked the Lord for bringing them the dinos for such a great price….so cute!

I love hearing from you guys!