Heads-up! I’m guest-posting for the hilarious and super-nice Rachel of Grasping for Objectivity in My Subjective Life today. I’m going to have to wear the cone of shame for the rest of the day after you read it, I think.  But really, who doesn’t love a good story about toddler poop? (Did that get your attention? : )).

Today’s outfits have several things in common:

1) I barely got pictures of them, since the sun was setting fast as we snapped a couple of quick shots (right after I hollered, “Hey, baby, grab the camera, or we’re going to completely lose the light!” What a great planner I am).

2) I wore both of them to church (on two separate days, mind you).

3) Both of them consist of a base of jeans and a shirt (well, technically, I think that first one’s a dress, but that’s never going to happen), with a few accessories thrown in for good measure.

4) They were the most put-together things I wore all week.


(Dress/shirt: GAP—$6, Jeans: American Eagle/GW—$5, Shoes: GW—$3)

I feel like I’m getting a bit lazy with my fashion lately. Which, honestly, is one of the first things that should go if something has to. After all, if you’re clothed and presentable, everything else is just gravy, right?


(Top: LOFT/GW—$3, Sweater: SAM’S Club—$16, Jeans: Papaya/GW—$5, Shoes: GW—$3, Scarf: A gift from a friend, Coat: Beall’s—$15)

At the same time, though, I’ve got a closet (way too) full of clothes, and yet I keep gravitating towards the same three shirts and two pairs of jeans again and again.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

And if you, too, have, at some point, lost your dressing mojo (for lack of a better term), please tell me how you got it back!

Or maybe don’t.

After all, think of all the loads of laundry I can skip if I never wear more than two pair of pants!

What say you?’

Fancier dressing or fewer loads of laundry?

It truly is a dilemma.

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  1. Had to comment on this one even if its a few days late 🙂

    I was just having this same “train of thought” with myself the other day….bout the laundry vs the dressing nice.

    I wash all of my “nicer” clothes separately and mostly hang them to dry so they don’t shrink. So, this takes more work than my yoga pants and t-shirt wardrobe that I just toss in w/ the kids clothes and dry in the dryer. Most days I think that it is worth it. Unfortunately, on the days when I know I will just be staying home, I opt for the yoga pants style. (kids don’t care, but prob should dress nicer for hubby :). But, if I am headed out, I always try to look more “put together”.

    I recently had an appt with an image consultant and she helped me tremendously. She helped me narrow down what colors look good on me and what styles do too. Now, I am having a serious closet purge! But, I am having more fun getting dressed and thinking about all of the possibilities.

    When I need inspiration, I click thru 2 of my fav fashion blogs. They both share my classic/preppy style:
    She just had her 4th baby. She did a post on 11/14 on “element of a momiform”…..great mom inspiration. Also love her own custom made “corilynn” skirts and her recent post on mixing prints. check her out!

    The blog name of my other fave is perfect for me….bows & sequins….yes, please!
    She’s a 20ish girl living in NYC….far from my life, but I do love her style.

    So, that’s what I do to get out of my rut. Do the laundry and turn to others for inspiration 🙂
    I find it is also so hard when you are nursing. I haven’t ever wanted to wear dresses more than when I was nursing, lol!

  2. Gotta say, it’s taken me a while to even get close to fashion mojo and I’m still a long way off 🙁 clothes are expensive over here and it’s kind of “glasses so I can see, or a couple of new tees?” – the glasses win. Less laundry has to be a good thing though, right? Especially as you have 7 people to launder for! Love the coat – love the second outfit really, a touch of turquoise has me at hello.

  3. L-O-V-E outfit 2. I think when the sleep gets back on an even keel, and everything has found it’s rhythm, then you may just be more interested. I’m kinda getting there, but I have some post party season indulgences to shed before I can look good in some of my stuff.

  4. Outfit number 2 looks awesome, I would have thought it was the kind of outfit you would WANT to show off! And everyone deserves to get to dress without really thinking about it sometimes. Even in outfit one where you “aren’t trying” you’ve got some accessories and cute shoes, that can go a long way! And anything that cuts down on laundry is good in my books!

  5. I have found that after each pregnancy, my body shape changed a bit and my “favorite jeans” changed. Also, you really need to do easy at this point in your life, lol.

  6. Boy, do I ever understand being in a fashion rut! Another blogger asked me for me New Year’s “fashion resolution” and I asked my husband, “Does she realize that I am wearing yoga pants, a Moe’s t-shirt, and I’m sitting in the floor nursing my baby?!”. haha

  7. If I get in a particularly deep fashion rut, I usually start hanging out with my friends that really care about their appearances and have a tendency of wearing only the best clothes. That’s usually all the motivation I need. I can’t show up to lunch in yoga pants when they are dressed to the nines!

  8. I don’t think I’ve met someone who shares an equal amount of adoration for the color teal. We should be BFFs


  9. Ugh, I have a rut problem. I wear the same few things when I have to go out in public, because I feel like they look the best on me out of anything else in my wardrobe. It’s to the point where my friends notice it and mention it in Facebook photo comments! “Oh, it’s Melissa’s favorite shirt!” LOL I just recently did a MASSIVE wardrobe purge and am in an even bigger rut because most of the clothes my darling husband got me for Christmas didn’t fit. Not that I was terribly sad about some of them because they were unusually dowdy choices…he normally picks really cute stuff for me!

  10. I think your problem is caused by MOTHERLOAD. You know when you have to dress multiple children, you put all our mojo dressing effort into that. So whats left for you – nothing. So you do what all mothers of little kids do.. keep it simple and wear jeans, nice top (preferably clean) and a gorgeous jacket. If your hair is clean and you have lipstick on you get double points. Relax Abbie you always look great.

  11. I think we all go through that at some point or another. I too am a homeschooling mom of 5, so I know what you’re going through. Here’s my trick…and people think I always look cute 😉 I only get fussy about my wardrobe when I’m going out. If we are staying home that day, I stay comfy…yes, I put on makeup and fix my hair, but I don’t beat myself up over yoga pants and a hoodie. I’m nursing a baby, teaching school, and running a household. When I go out, I get dressed….put some thought into my wardrobe – and consult my Pinterest board or my 12 year old for some inspiration!

I love hearing from you guys!