Oh my goodness, y’all, can I just go on for a minute about how much I love the month of October?

For one, it’s my birthday month.

For two, it’s when the weather around these parts typically starts feeling at least a tiny bit less like one of the levels of Hades from Dante’s Divine Comedy.

For three, because of said change in temps, I’m finally able to drink my beloved ho-cho again (you better believe I’ll be sharing my recipe here during 31 days of Fun{ny} because—you gotta admit—sipping on a really good cup of hot chocolate while snuggled under a cozy blanket is pretty darn fun).

Oh, and just in case you think I’m the only one jazzed about this month…I’m not.


Poor Evangeline. She clearly isn’t as into it as Nola and I are.

Ah well. She’ll learn.

Happy Move-it Monday!

I love hearing from you guys!