Don’t you love working on something on your computer for over an hour and then having it freeze/disappear with no hope for recovery? (Even after you call your brilliant, computer-savvy husband…assuming you have one of those…which, if you don’t, I suggest you get one…unless you’re already married because that could get awkward).

I know it’s one of my most favorite things ever.

Oh well, there are worse things in life, I’m sure. I just can’t think of them right now (kidding!).

The theme for this week’s:

five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday

…is My Favorite Color.

I would love it if you would link up (or leave comments about) whatever 5 things in your favorite color that are capturing your fancy at the moment, but if you’d rather just link up 5 pieces of randomness or a different theme, I’m totally fine with that as well.

The “rules”:

  • Please link up to your specific 5 Things post rather than your blog’s homepage, and
  • Please place the Five Things Thursday button (left sidebar) somewhere on your page or post so that others can join in the fun.

That’s it!

Happy list-making! : )

My favorite color is blue-green. But that sounds lame, so let’s use more descriptive words like aqua, teal, turquoise, cyan, and robin’s egg, okay?

I’m not picky about where I find them either.

I love them in:

1. Home décor—

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

2. In fashion—

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Abbie on Pinterest

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

3. On doors—

4. On everyday items—

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

5. And, of course, on my fingernails—

Source: via Matti on Pinterest

Source: via Gwyn on Pinterest

Can you tell someone finally drank the Pinterest Koolaid?

So, what about you guys…what’s your favorite color?

Do share!


  1. luv luv luv that blue flower belt! and that kitchen aid mixer resides in my kitchen right now. you can not find another blue like marta stewart blue, i just need the blender now! and i totally <3 pinterest! its addictive tho!

  2. LIME GREEN ALL THE WAY!!! The world seems to be coming around to my fav color lately, too. It seems like it’s popping up everywhere! 🙂

  3. Purple. I have a rather unnatural obsession with the color purple. Not the wussy light lavender color (though it’s not bad either), but real purple. I even have purple tips on my fingernails right now. They make me happy every time I look at them. 🙂 I have it all over the house in little ways: purple lava lamp, purple quilts, even my dog’s toy woobie is purple. Hmmm. I may have some issues.

I love hearing from you guys!