Yesterday, at the end of my 5 Things Thursday, I teased you with the promise of a big (or was it little?) reveal.

Well, here it is: our little guest bathroom, with a big pile of pictures to show it off.

So maybe it’s both little and big. You be the judge.

Just in case you’re wondering why I don’t have a movie recommendation for you this weekend, it’s because I’ve decided to do something a little different on Fridays. From now on, it will simply be known as Feature Friday.

Sometimes, that will be a feature film. Sometimes it will be something cool I’ve found floating around cyberspace. Sometimes it will be something nifty that you’ve done (feel free to email me with projects, in other words).

But over the next several weeks, it will consist of posts about my own house. I’ll feature a new room each Friday (assuming I’ve had time to make it pretty/take pics) until I run out of rooms that are worth showing (some are still major works in progress).

Are you as excited as I am? I know I always love getting peeks into other folks’ homes, so hopefully you’ll enjoy getting a glimpse (or ten) of mine.

So, without further yammering ado, I give you…

The Guest Bathroom


A view to the left…


A view to the right…


Pardon the yellow light. Not much natural light in here at all.






The pillow is from Goodwill, and I made the ruffle flower.


Probably my favorite detail of the entire room is the shower curtain, a Target find for about $18. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but in addition to the lattice scroll design and the almost grass-cloth like texture, there are also little veins of gold thread running throughout that give it a lovely sheen.

On a related side-note, a friend once lamented the ruination of her pretty cream-colored shower curtain because, when her little boy was potty-training, he had a tendency to get distracted and take his eye off the prize, thus resulting in some unfortunate yellow stains on her curtain. I remember thinking something snooty like, “So glad my boys don’t have that problem.”


Pride does go before a fall, folks. Or in this case, it goes right before you discover the same yellow stain all over your ivory curtain as you are surveying your bathroom in preparation for pictures. I will have you know that I Shouted, washed, dried, and steamed the wrinkles out of that darn curtain…just for you guys. (Okay, maybe a little for me too).

Oh, and when I asked Simon—my second boy (because I know my children well, and I knew the culprit wasn’t Ezra)—about the suspicious yellow blotches, he said, in his best super-serious voice, “Oh, I won’t do that the other time (his almost-four-year-old way of saying “next time”), Mama. I will go only in the potty.”

You are my witnesses, folks! You heard it here!




I bought that yellow/green frame at Hobby Lobby for 90% off, and then added that fun poppy print fabric from Hancock’s (the only info I have says, “Michelle, designed specifically for Hancock Fabrics. All right, then!) with help from Glen, the handy-dandy, albeit ugly, glue-gun.



The shelves we built were reeeeeeeallly deep, so hubby cut some leftover plywood to size, and I covered it with some orange/cream striped outdoor fabric to make false backs for the shelf openings (not perfection as you can see, but I like it). The decorations are a mix of garage sale finds (clock, wooden bird), Goodwill (birdcage, ivory creamer), and some fancied up versions of the Egg Carton Flower that I showed you how to make this week (I’ll update the tutorial soon to show you how I glittered them and added “stems”).


I’ve got a major thing for texture + sparkle, so these flowers are really doing it for me right now.

And…that’s all she wrote, folks! (Yeah, right. Do you really believe that? Surely you know me better by now).

Well, what do you think?

It’s nothing too terribly fancy, but then it is a bathroom. And there are aspects of it that make me just as happy as any other room in the house (like those glass pumpkins, which I have come to love after an initial reaction of “Whaaa?!” when I first opened the box after our wedding) .

Wanna know something that’s (almost) funny now that doesn’t make me quite as happy? I spent 20 (count them…TWEN.TY) hours painting this teensy-tinsy room. I had all kinds of grand ideas—stripes, stenciling, mint up top/chocolate down below (because brown walls are such a fantastic idea for a bathroom) color-schemes. And, unfortunately, I tried every. single. last. one of them before I finally painted the upper Sherwin William’s Dover White the lower Benjamin Moore’s Sunrise because we had leftovers of each.

Turns out, after 6 (SIX!!!) coats of paint on the upper half and numerous trips to the paint store, I had what I wanted lying around all the time, just waiting for me to figure it out.

Ain’t that the way, sometimes?

I hope you all have a wonderfully amazing weekend and figure out what it is you want before you waste twenty hours of your life chasing something that won’t work.

Me…I’ll be teaching fitness classes, cleaning, napping (Lord, please!), hanging out with my family, meeting new people, going to church, and praising Jesus for giving me breath each new day.

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  1. Still waiting for more pictures… Me and my husband are building our house from ground up too… We’re unimpressed with the quality of home builders work these days… My sister in laws 350000 dollar house has cracks all over it from shotty foundation work. My husband is a carpenter, my father contractor, my best friend an electrician and my moms boyfriend a plumber… So hopefully we have the resources and have as much success as you guys!!! :-D. Love you decorating!!!

  2. Nice pics.I’ve recommended this blog to some of my colleagues. I’m sure they’ll find this useful as I found.Will definitely recommend to others. Good work.

  3. Oh, I Love it! I really the the color and the way you accessorized! I’m always worried about a chair in a smaller bathroom, but you make it look great, with that pretty pillow… and i like that you folded the point into the t.p. ( am I the only one who noticed? who notices that stuff? This chick, ha, ‘cuz that is SO something I’d do.)

  4. Really lovely! The colour and the accessories are so gorgeous and the all done on a budget! You go girl! Angie xo

  5. Awesome bath! Idon’t think I have the patience for shopping (or the talent) to find such wonderful items at thrify prices – OR it could be that I have an immaturity issue summed up by saying “but I want it all done now!” I am super SUPER excited about your decision to feature rooms in your home! You know I’ve been waiting for your kitchen and can’t wait to see what your husband did with the banquette/dining area. Tammy “Catherine”.

  6. Love it Abbie, just beautiful!! So glad I’m not the only one who has a few {or more who’s counting?} do overs 😉 The hanging print is beautiful and I love those orange and cream stripes!! Hilarious story about the shower curtain!! Oh how funny life can be!

    So when I need some quiet time can I just come and hang out in your bathroom?!
    OK that sounds a little weird {but not when you’re desperate!}

    So pretty Abbie!!


  7. I love your guest bathroom. The framed fabric print is a great idea and looks so cute. I have to tell you…I found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and you are my new favorite! I check everyday. Also, I tried your lasanga recipe and my husband loved the sauce, and so did I. Anyway, nice to ‘meet’ you.

I love hearing from you guys!