So, I tried something new this week, which I plan to do something fun with and should have ready by next Wednesday, so stay tuned (cryptic enough for you? can’t give it all away at once!): unless otherwise noted, every. single. item you see me wearing/carrying (jewelry, bags, shoes, etc.) is from Goodwill.  Yup. Every. single. one. (Just in case you missed my first dramatic use of periods).




It’s impossible to tell, but I’m not holding my bag over my head because I’m insane. It was raining. Sort of. More like dribbling. But this is E. Texas in the scorching heat, so THANK YOU, LORD for even a dribble! (Oh, and I couldn’t decide on belt or no belt, so I took pics of both. Thoughts?)

Dress: $6, Tank: $2, Shoes: $3, Clutch: $3, Bead necklace: $1, Bracelet: $1, Belt: $1, Pocket-watch necklace: Gifted, Earrings: Gifted

TOTAL: $17




By far my favorite outfit this week. Can you stand how stinkin’ precious that ruffly bag is?! I could load it up with a brick and knock somebody out with it, Bugs Bunny style, and they’d probably thank me for it. It’s that cute.

Top: $3, Skirt: $4, Belt: $1, Shoes: $3, Bag: $3 Shoes: $3, Jewelry: Same as above, Rubber band: c/o I-forgot-that-was-on-my-wrist

TOTAL: $17


If looks could kill…you would already be entering rigor mortis!

You’d never know from this pic how much I lurrrve my new Goodwill necklace!



Top: $3, Shorts: $4, Shoes: $3, Necklace: $3, Earrings: $1, Bracelet: $2, Shoes: $3 Bag: A gift from Florence, Italy from my wonderful mama

TOTAL: $19




The word “schoolmarm” pops into my head with this outfit. Probably has to the do with the prim, braided hair and the flowy, I-teach-English-to-children-in-India feel of my shirt.  Oh, and the fact that my 3-year-old insisted on holding my hand in one of the pics. : )

Top: $4, Pants: $4, Tank: $2, Necklace: $1, Shoes: $3, Earrings: $2, Bracelet: $1 Belt: $1 Shoes: $3

TOTAL: $20


My good friend, Jolinda, who is gorgeous, stylish, loves Jesus, and has a killer South African accent, consented to pose with me after a wonderful, relaxing evening out. Thanks, Jo!

Top: $3, Jeans: (Miss Me!/Goodwill) $5, Belt: $1, Shoes: $3, Necklace: $1, Earrings: $2

TOTAL: $15

Don’t forget to come back and join me tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday. I have a guest post you won’t want to miss!

P.S. I’ve seen the word “gifted” used around blog-world to describe items that were given to someone wearing them, so I stole it.  But I think it makes it sound like my accessories can juggle and sing show-tunes. They can’t (more’s the pity).

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  1. Love the color of that first dress. Totally show-stopping pink! To me the second outfit is the best of the bunch. It is smashing on you and equally impressive since it is thrifted. Really every piece of the second outfit is stand-out! – Katy

  2. I know EXACTLY where Tyler is! I love Tyler and wish we could make it that way more often. One of these days I’m going to make it there for the azalea trail. My mom’s family lives in Jacksonville, just down the road from Tyler. 🙂

  3. hi! new follower as of last week and 1st comment…..ALL of the pics are so good, and even though our Good Will/Salvation Army/DAV/Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters….(see I’ve tried them all) are not as good as the ones you post, you do SOOOOO inspire me that I am ALMOST brave enough to pack up my 3 kids (aged 4 to 8) and make a day of it tomorrow!!! (maybe I can hit a couple after the hubby gets home LOL) anyway you are a breath of fresh air and heaven forbid I started my pushups yesterday!!

  4. Why, Kendi Lea, you sly fox (or is it foxx?). I can’t believe you’re
    misrepresenting me so shamefully to my readers! I’ve offered and offered,
    and you just keep putting me off. Maybe you’re afraid I’d find the better
    deals? I mean, really. What’s $100 in gas if you can buy a really cute
    shirt for $2?!

  5. Abbie, I’m getting really tired of you not inviting me to come thrift with you. I only live like 13 hours away. Totally worth the drive for your thrift stores.

  6. Thanks! So glad to have you here! Yeah, I’m pretty amazed at some of the
    stuff I find myself. The GW I frequent most often is fantastic, but it
    shouldn’t be. It’s in a small, ratty town where, if you judged from the
    style of the people walking on the street (not that I would EVER do that),
    you’d expect to find only coveralls and daisy dukes on the racks. It’s
    great, though!

  7. Well, aren’t you sweet? I love your blog…such a cool idea! I’ll have to
    send in a reader submission with a question someday (I did ask people to
    weigh in on belt or no belt on the first outfit…so far, no belt is

  8. It was my fave too! (And everybody else’s on here apparently). And I’m sad
    for your not having a GW where you live. I can’t stand it when thrift
    stores want as much for their clothes as retailers. And thank you for the
    belt advice. You’re the second to suggest without. I’ll keep that in mind
    the next time I wear that dress.

  9. You are as sweet as they come! And I promise that if I look as pretty you
    seem to think, that good cameras and make-up are mostly to credit.
    Remember, nothing in real life is ever as great as it looks in a picture. I
    do appreciate your sweet comments, though.

  10. I love the first outfit, no wait the second one, wait the third….oh heck I love them all!!

    I wish I were as half as pretty as you, and half the thrift places to shop, you get amazing deals

  11. Love love love the second outfit! (and well I love shopping at GW too, but sadly here in The Netherlands we don’t have GW (we obviously have other secondhand stores, but I can never get over the fact that the charge you (almost) as much as a “regular” store would))..anyhow..about the first outfit..I like how the shirt you’re wearing under the dress and the belt mathc, but I like it more without the belt nonetheless

  12. Out of control amazing! Can I kidnap you to take me thrifting? Cause I NEVER find anything even close to as awesome as even 1 of your pieces, let alone all of those! That ruffle bag, the purple print top, and don’t get me started on the navy skirt. You killed it on every single look!

  13. Soooo cute! Love all the outfits! You are so adorable! I was totally excited that it rained here yesterday! We live in Southeast Texas and haven’t seen any substantial rain in months! It was a good rainy day yesterday…great nap weather. Wish I could’ve gotten one. 😉

  14. Wow! I love all of your outfits! I cannot believe everything came from GW! I must visit the wrong ones or at the wrong times! Stopping by from the Pleated Poppy WIWW link up! I’ll definitely be back!

  15. GREAT fabulous outfits! Wonderful. And the “brick in a bag” comment busted me up. Too funny.

  16. I just found your blog and love it! I too am a goodwill shopper so it is great to get inspiration from you! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I know! Sometimes I have the opposite reaction, though. “You seriously got rid of THIS?! Did you have a temporary mental malfunction? This is ADORABLE!!” Good thing I don’t actually meet the donators in person, or I might land a couple of them in therapy.

  18. Yes ma’am. From Goodwill, indeed! And how in the world did you end up with such a cool name? I wish I could get away with being called something like Pinky, but if I tried it, people would snicker behind my back (probably to my face too!).
    Oh, and thanks for saying compliments. I’m terrible about gracefully taking them, so the best I can say is just, “Thanks,” but just know that I really appreciate the sweet words!
    …except to add that I’ve tried the paper bag look, and it was anything but beautiful. ; )

  19. Goodwill queen. Hmmm…they should have a parade, and a float for that. I could ride on an old, dilapidated jalopy and wear a crown made out of newspapers. Oh, and I LOOOOOVE all your cute sandals. That’s one thing that’s almost impossible to score at GW.

  20. Thanks for the weigh-in, Liz. I’ll take it under advisory the next time I wear that dress. And boo for no GWs! That would make me a very sad girl indeed. And shopping in Longview sounds fun (wow, Longview…brings back memories…haven’t made it that far out of my usual loop in ages!), but I doubt you need me to show you the ropes since I remember your GW shopping prowess from waaaaay back in the day!

  21. You are so adorable! I love every.single.outfit! I love all the Goodwill finds! You would never ever know that your outfits came from the GW. You could be modeling for a high end clothing company! 😉 I LOVE your blog and am so happy I found it!

  22. Since you asked for advice, Abbie, I’m going to say I like the first outfit without the belt. 😉 That said, I am loving the Goodwill finds! Ah, how I miss the days of Goodwill. Bozeman, MT does not have a Goodwill. We only have Salvation Army and it just isn’t the same. At all. I am, however, in Longview right now, so perhaps I will try to rope someone into giving me a ride to the land of fabulous cast-off goods and try my hand at thrifting once again for old time’s sake. Wanna come show me the ropes?

  23. I have never seen anyone else wearing those wedges from the second outfit. I have them too. Mine were $6 at the store, which is still a good deal, I think.

  24. I seriously cannot get over that second outfit. Those shoes! That ruffled bag (although I may feel differently if bopped over the head Bugs Bunny-style. But you’re right… probably not.) These outfits make me want to keep at it with my own Goodwill, which has. not. been good to me lately. C’mon people! Get rid of your *cute* stuff, already!

  25. Love your style and such a good bunch of images. Greetings from Copenhagen…where it isn’t that hot at the moment – please send me some 😉

  26. Seriously love all your outfits! I’m so impressed with all your Good Will-ing! Hm… maybe I should check mine out this week…

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