Hello!…and welcome to Five days…5 ways, my new Monday through Friday outlet for five of the things that interest me most, all conveyed through the lovely medium of quite possibly my favorite thing ever–the written word.

As you can see from the headers under the pictures at the top of the blog page, I’ve divided up my days into alliterative (cheesy? probably, but I like it!) subject headings. *If you can’t see the headers, try opening the site in Firefox. There’s a glitch on Explorer’s side that we’re trying to figure out.* I’ll explain what I have in mind as I go, but today is Wednesday, which means:

WARDROBE WEDNESDAY: I love to get all gussied up (if you’re not from the South, that means “dressed up”). I really do. But if you were to drop by my house at 3 in the afternoon, I doubt you’d believe me. Come to think of it, the unlikelihood of this happening is one of the benefits of living 15 miles from the closest civilization.

Honestly? I’m a mother of young children, and they think I’ve made an effort when I put a new rubber band in my hair (“Mama, you’re sooooo pweeettty!”). This means I can (and often do) wear nothing but p.j.’s and workout gear 5 days a week if I’m not doing anything other than house-work or exercise. It’s probably my husband’s favorite thing about me. *cough, cough.* (He’s never once complained, but his enthusiasm for my “dressed” looks speaks volumes).

So! Wardrobe Wednesday is my attempt to give my boxer shorts a rest and start whipping those cute tops and flattering jeans just sitting around in my closet back into shape. I’m no fashion maven, but if I can inspire other mamas/women with a similar lack of motivation to–like the Proverbs 31 woman–clothe ourselves in, “fine linen and purple,” I’ll be a happy camper indeed.

(Plus, the best I can tell, chicks–myself included–get really jazzed about getting to see what other chicks have worn thoughout the week).

And now, without further ado, I present you with the “anniversary edition” of Wardrobe Wednesday (if you’re confused about how the first Wardrobe Wednesday post can also be the “anniversary edition,” please understand that this refers to the fact that most of my outfits were worn on our wedding anniversary trip to Dallas last week).

Here we are at Anthropologie where I spent a whopping $10 on 2 items (betcha didn’t even know that was possible at Anthro). I sure did drool over a lot of other things I couldn’t bring myself to pay for, though.

Top: used to belong to my super-stylish friend, Jolinda, and I got it from her in a Naked Lady exchange (no nudity was involved; just a lot of clothes-swapping among friends), Tank: used to belong to my other super-stylish friend, Mandy (do I have any clothes of my own?), Shorts: a Beall’s purchase from about 4 years ago. Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted from Goodwill), Rolled flower corsage: made by me…stay tuned for a tutorial coming on Try-it Tuesday.

Top: Banana Republic (Goodwill), Skirt: Papaya (Goodwill), Shoes: Beall’s. (Pardon the awkward hotel room photo; we just had to go with it).

This is what I wore to dinner for our fancy anniversary date. : ) Dress: Delia’s (Goodwill), Shoes: Macy’s (these are the shoes I wore with my wedding dress 6 years ago; fitting, no?)

In the interest of full disclosure, I have included a pic of the duct tape I used to “hem” my slip. Classy. I know.

Top: Beall’s, Shorts: Unionbay (Goodwill), Shoes: Ross, Hat: an impulse buy from Walmart that I ended up loving.

The hat has *sparklies*! : )

This is my expression as I explain to my friend, Emily, that I stink at posing. Case closed. Top: Gap outlet, Jeans: ditto, Belt: Gap, Shoes: more loot from the Naked Lady exchange, Scarf: Steinmart.
Top: Gap, Skirt: Target, Bracelet: $3 purchase from Avenue online and one of my favorite pieces (See below for close-up).

And there you have it, folks! My first Wardrobe Wednesday. Whew! We’ll have to see how well I do when I have to get dressed up with nowhere to go. See you tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday!


  1. Nice. The thing was, we couldn’t find the soft kind of duct tape, so I threw this stuff in my bag, and it was actually duct (as in used for ducts) tape, and it was more than a week bit pokey. Needless to say, the slip is going to have to be hemmed for realz or it won’t get worn again. Though…bandaids…hmmmm…those are soft. : )

  2. Thanks, Calli! I looooove thrifting so much just because it feels like a treasure hunt…gotta sift through a bunch of junk, but when you uncover a gem, it’s such a rush (for me, anyway). I think I might be a bit addicted. ; )
    Oh, and I alternate between the Tyler, Jackonsville, and Henderson Goodwills, but I go most often to Jacksonville (b/c it’s the closest), so that’s where I get most of my stuff (great shoes, believe it or not). So glad you’re reading my blog!

  3. Abbie, you are such a cutie! I’m inspired to go back to my thrifting days … I so forgot that you can find such treasures! Where is your Goodwill btw?

  4. Thanks to all my lovely fb ladies for the positive feedback so far. Feel free to comment away if you have thoughts or suggestion!

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